Case study: How a leading Telecom brand prepared for MNP a year in advance

Problem / Opportunity

The impending Mobile Number Portability (MNP) rule threatened the foundation of brand loyalty and hence, telecom players were wary of the mass customer attrition due to the significant lowering of the exit barrier.

Research goal

  • Assess the client’s strengths and weaknesses with post-paid customers (also read: high value customers)
  • Determine propensity to switch carriers if given a chance to retain their existing number
  • Estimate the likely attrition

The process

  • Targeted 150,000 post-paid customers who had signed up for e-bill
  • The questionnaire was designed to cover all factors that could affect a customer’s satisfaction with a service provider
  • The survey was deployed online – there was no face-to-face or telephonic interview
  • The client was not identified in the survey to retain objectivity and to eliminate customer bias


  • The whole research process from the time of survey design to the reports took just 21 days – a good 50% better than traditional survey
  • We received 2,700 completed responses out of whom 2,400 identified themselves as primary consumers of our client
  • The large sample size gave a result with very little error margin
  • The client was able to glean some significant insights from the study and prepare themselves for MNP months before it became operational

Knowience’s role

It was a pro-active action from Knowience that made the client look at this insights approach. Knowience was involved in the whole process right from research conceptualization till the report was presented to the management committee of the Karnataka circle.