5 things to include in your survey introduction

While online surveys are simple to create and execute, in most cases, attention to details matters. Obviously, when one is spending substantial time and effort to get insights through an online survey, one would like every little detail to work well. As we have been working in the domain of customer insights programs, we do get into discussions with clients about different ways of making online surveys efficient.

And in this context, one of the questions we get asked most is on how to ensure more responses to a survey. There are several factors to look into to get more and better responses. And it’s amazing how doing basics right is all that is needed. One such basic component of a great survey is a well articulated introduction to the survey.

Here’s what we believe are 5 things that make a great introduction to a survey.

1. A crisp reason why you are conducting the survey and why the response is important to you.

2. How much time are you asking the respondent to set aside to complete the survey? People today are very short of time and thus, even an activity that takes 10 minutes needs to be taken into account.

3. If you are giving out incentives to the respondents, it’s best to mention it in the introduction. A well thought out incentive structure most certainly increases the response rate.

4. It’s likely that respondents have questions about the survey or have trouble responding at some point. It’s good to always mention an email id people can write to if they have any queries.

5. And finally, do remember to thank them in advance!

Of course, there might be other factors that have worked. If you have examples, we would love to hear your comments – do send them in.

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