Marketing Technology Brands

You nurture the idea.
Leave the marketing worries to experience.

Great ideas are those that solve a certain problem or exploit a unique opportunity. No one proves it more than the young Technology / Internet / Mobile start-ups – this ecosystem represents the young breed that has the passion to change status quo, the dream of an idea and the technology knowledge to back it up. At a time when the entrepreneurial energy has to be channelized into developing a world class solution, the role of Knowience Consulting is to free the founders of sales and marketing worries and get them to focus on their idea.

Acquisition of new business is the lifeline of small and medium sized tech companies. It is not just critical from the perspective of growing revenues but also one that derisks a company from loss of business from existing clients.

Technology brand marketing is a specialized skill acquired through hands-on experience in customer acquisition. Acquiring new customers for a tech company requires an inherent understanding of the domain and the sales dynamics at work. It is critical for every technology brand marketing strategy to encompass

  • Alignment of sales priorities with marketing objectives
  • Creating result oriented and measurable marketing plans

This is where Knowience Consulting’s experience of actually managing multi-million dollar Internet business operations comes in handy. Knowience is well equipped to deliver on the following sales and marketing needs of a start-up organization.

Knowience Consulting brings to the table the following B2B marketing competencies for India and several international markets, including USA, Africa, MENA and Asia-Pac.

1. Brand strategy and positioning

Knowience Consulting believes that brand strategy and sharp positioning is not just the preserve of consumer marketing companies. Every business needs a clear communication of its value proposition to create a distinct brand and differentiate itself from the crowd. Knowience comes with over 18 years of high quality communication and marketing experience that can help businesses develop unique brandleadership.

2. Business lead generation and management

Acquiring quality leads, which the sales team can close, should be the first priority of marketing. Generating business yielding leads is an art and a science. It is not just about engaging in lead generation activities but also about managing the leads for best end-results. Very often, a company’s growth is based on how it manages its business leads – a key high value differentiator that Knowience Consulting brings to the table.

The Knowience Consulting team has the experience of direct marketing to over 200,000 business customers and leading the process of revenue generation. This field is too critical for a start-up to learn over a period of time – Knowience Consulting brings these critical skillsto its clients in the areas of

  • lead generation strategies
  • lead management process
  • aligning leads with the sales process

3. Sales and marketing strategy that

  • Aligns the market demand with the start-up’s strength
  • Interlocks with product development and marketing
  • Drives customer and revenue acquisition

4. Marketing program audit

The first step towards making one’s brand marketing edgy is to step back and evaluate what you have done over last few years. Once every often, the brand needs an external perspective to one’s marketing program. Knowience Consulting conducts workshops with the marketing team that aim to audit the marketing program. This external intervention helps in

  • An honest assessment of the body of marketing work as a team
  • Evaluating future opportunities through a brainstorm conducted by Knowience Consulting

5. Staffing strategy, including

  • Sales and marketing organization structure
  • Compensation planningcovering sales commission