Case study: How an Asia Pac based Technology company understood India better

Problem / Opportunity

Potential entry into India market for a Cloud computing service provider.

Research goal

  • Evaluate the cloud computing scenario in the country
  • Assess the facilitators and barriers to cloud computing adoption

The process

  • Targeted two key segments
    • Small and medium businesses
    • Developers
  • The segments were targeted through collaboration with alliance partners that housed the targeted database
  • The survey was deployed online – there was no face-to-face or telephonic interview
  • The client was not identified in the survey to retain objectivity and to eliminate customer bias


  • The whole research process from the time of survey design to the reports took just 4 weeks
  • The research design was able to provide significant market insights to the client and identified two critical opportunities for brand differentiation

Knowience’s role

Knowience Consulting was involved in the process right from the point of market entry strategy and hence, handled the project from conceptualization to final report.