India Market Strategy

Navigate the cultural jungles of India.
Get an experienced guide.

India is a market with great diversity in culture, consumer attitudes and behavior, which means that there is no one India but several little Indias combining to create a huge, complex market. For a brand to have a successful market entry into India, it should understand the geographical similarities, differences and nuances of the Indian market quickly.

With hands-on working experience ofmarketing products and services in sectors such as Information Technology (Hardware, Software, Services, Cloud Computing etc.,), Business Process Outsourcing, Apparels, Internet recruitment, Knowience Consulting jumpstarts your strategy development process for the Indian market entry by fusing the category / brand needs with the cultural tones of the market.

Knowience Consulting has the following competencies for brands that are looking for India market entry.

  • Secondary research for market data
  • Primary research for exploratory fact finding and report presentation
  • Management of visit of company executives to India
  • Defining the Sales & Marketing organization for the company in India
  • Comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy with detailed brief on sales and marketing strategy including strategy for staffing, lead generation, customer acquisition etc.