Case study: How an Education startup validated its product strategy

Problem / Opportunity

There’s a growing competition among children for grades and not surprisingly, emotionally, it is a competition amongst parents as well.

Research goal

To understand parents’ approach towards education in the context of external tutorials.

The process

  • The survey was deployed entirely online – there was no face-to-face or telephonic interview
  • The survey was done in collaboration with a well-known parenting site and was deployed to a targeted list of Indian parents on the site
  • Filters were in-built in the survey to screen out the non-qualifying respondents (for e.g., parents with non-school going children or people expecting their first child etc.)


  • We received over 750 responses to the activity
  • The survey threw up critical insights for the sponsor of the study – an educational services company – to take some critical business decisions.
  • The project was completed in 18 working days.

Knowience’s role

Knowience handled the project start-to-end right from development of the brief to the report generation.