Why tech start-ups should outsource marketing

One of the biggest positives one sees in the growth of India’s tech-knowledge economy is the rise in entrepreneurial intent among today’s professionals, in technology, mobile or Internet space. And typically, my observation has been that most of the technology based start-ups are started by entrepreneurs with technology skills as […]

Building a crack sales team in a tech / Internet start-up

When one interacts with the founders of technology / Internet start-ups during networking events, one topic that never ceases to generate interest is about “what should one’s sales strategy be and how to hire a crack sales team”. The reason why this is a hot topic for discussion is because […]

Why I haven’t bought grocery online yet

Over the last few months, I have come across several online grocery shops – through news (someone quitting a big company and starting an online grocery store, or someone getting funded etc.), flyers with newspapers or radio spots. The two prominent brands that come to mind are and […]